Welcome to The Bone Group!

The Bone Group, Inc. has been providing computer friendly services for personal users up to small businesses and home users since 1988. Our focus is to help you get the most out of your computer(s). Our services range from a PC tune-up all the way to custom software and website creation. We work with you from concept through implementation to ensure that we are spending our time solving the right problem. If you have any questions regarding what we offer please feel free to give us a call at (630) 513-1280 or drop us an email: info@bonegroupinc.com.

Working Together

Check Out Our New PC HOUSECALL Service

Housecall - our new service that brings the expert to your house. If you have ever wished that you could have someone help you with your PC right in your home, now you can. No more unplugging and disconnecting multiple cables and driving your PC somewhere to be looked at. We offer a PC Tuneup to help speed up and optimize your PC's performance right in the convenience of your home.

Our Customers

What Our Customers Have To Say

Check out what our customers have to say about us and how we have met and exceeded their needs. We have worked with a wide variety of industries. Here is a list of just a few: Engineering, Food, Legal, Tax, Membership, Industrial, Banquet Halls and Credit